2016 Hall of Fame Predictions

With the 2016 Hall of Fame induction class set to be announced tomorrow, here’s a look at the players on this year’s ballot with my percentage prediction listed in parentheses:

Ken Griffey Jr. (94.8), Mike Piazza (84.4), Jeff Bagwell (73.7), Tim Raines (72.5), Curt Schilling (58.5), Trevor Hoffman (43.6), Barry Bonds (40.8), Roger Clemens (40.6), Mike Mussina (39.8), Alan Trammell (38.6), Edgar Martinez (37.5), Lee Smith (28.8), Billy Wagner (26.8), Larry Walker (24.4), Jeff Kent (17.7), Gary Sheffield (16.8), Fred McGriff (15.9), Mark McGwire (15.4), Jim Edmonds (6.2), Sammy Sosa (6.0)

Those I think won’t get the required 5% for future consideration: Nomar Garciaparra (who I see just barely missing 5%), Garret Anderson, Brad Ausmus, Luis Castillo, David Eckstein, Troy Glaus, Mark Grudzielanek, Mike Hampton, Jason Kendall, Mike Lowell, Mike Sweeney, Randy Winn.

Should a ballot been issued me, I would have selected Jeff Bagwell, Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling, Alan Trammell, Billy Wagner.

My bubble guys are Jim Edmonds; his power, OBP and defensive wizardry made me an instant fan. Bonds and Clemens, they both belong in the Hall of Fame, but I won’t lose sleep if they never get there. With two spots open on my ballot, I’d consider them, since they weren’t suspended for PED use, but that’s a story for another day. Mike Mussina keeps looking better the more I look at him. Larry Walker was a terrific talent, but there’s that Coors Field effect. Sheffield and Kent should get more support than they’ve seen, but each man wasn’t on the best of terms with the press, and you see how far that’s gotten Clemens and Bonds; two stars vastly superior to Jeff and Gary.

I was always a big fan of Fred McGriff, Brad Ausmus, Jason Kendall and Garret Anderson, but can’t champion them for the HOF, although I’d might, with two votes open, give a courtesy vote to a pair of those men.


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