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One of the most underrated players of his generation, Abreu was about as close as any player has ever been to being the perfect offensive weapon.  Bobby could hit in the excess of 25 homers, steal 30+ bases, hit over .300 and post an on-base percentage over .400.  The man was, simply put, an offensive stud.  But Bobby spent the bulk of his career with the Phillies before they became an NL East powerhouse–much like Curt Schilling–and few people noticed just how great of a ballplayer Bobby was.  Abreu may still catch on with another team because he still has the on-base skills, but the power and speed have faded. 

Given what Abreu has already accomplished, how do you feel his chances for getting inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame stand?  Tell us by employing the poll below.

The latest former All-Star to be designated for assignment, Johnny Damon’s road to 3,000 hits seems to have run out of gravel.  The fading Indians cut ties with the outfielder since his offensive production was weak and his defensive worth has been nil for several years.  This might be the end of the line for Johnny, but it was a solid ride.  Inching up on 2,800 career hits, Damon nevertheless rests in the Top 50 all-time in career runs scored and doubles.  Although the man didn’t seem to do anything right–no coach would ever teach his unorthodox swing–he racked up numbers that will get him some Hall of Fame support. 

Do you think Johnny Damon will make the Hall of Fame?  Utilize the poll below and tell us what you think.