Matt Stairs and the Hall of Fame

Matt Stairs, one of baseball’s greatest sluggers from north of the border, has officially ended his career.  Stairs had a solid 19-year career, but had he not been a late-bloomer, he could have achieved greater success.  He didn’t gain fulltime work at the Major League level until he was 29 years old when Billy Beane of Oakland gave him a regular place in the lineup.  Despite his delayed success, Matt still smashed 265 career dingers and fell just short of 1,375 base hits.  An above average power threat throughout his career, Stairs offered a valuable bat–one with solid raw power.  But he was more than just a homerun threat, for Stairs was also an on-base stud at his peak who occasionally eclipsed the .370 OBP.  But his most famous moment came when his career was nearing its end in 2008 when he delivered a clutch pinch hit homerun off Dodgers stopper Jonathan Broxton in the NLCS that led the Phillies to the World Series and an eventual title.


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