Manny Ramirez and the Hall of Fame

Now that Manny has been able to retire on his own terms (cough!), what are his chances for making Cooperstown in the future?  Ramirez was one of the best run-producers of the past decade but his personality is one of the most off-putting in baseball history.  Manny hit plenty of homers (over 500) and drove in a lot of runs, but many teammates and writers criticized him for what was perceived as giving less-than-his-best-effort on the field.  A fixture in Red Sox lore forever, Boston probably wouldn’t have made the World Series, much less won two Fall Classics, without Manny in the lineup.  But with one 50-game drug suspension and this forced retirement, will anyone push for Manny’s HOF induction?

  1. Giles said:

    I have to think that his chances are as good as anyone. He won’t be on the list of the greatest of all time (though he certainly had the ability), but he’s certainly good enough for consideration. His acidic attitude will hurt him, but when compared to some of the great jerks of the history of the game like Ty Cobb and Barry Bonds, Manny barely registers. What will likely cloud is chances more than anything is the drug suspension and the way he walked away from the game, well, that and the overwhelming evidence that he just never gave it his all.

    • brettkiser said:

      I always knew Manny was a terrific hitter but I didn’t realize just how legendary his stats are until I perused them a minute ago. He is in the Top 20 all-time in both Homeruns and RBI (although he played in the Steroid Era when runs were scored at an alarming rate) and his on-base % and OBPS are both ninth on the all-time list. His most similar players are a list that features legends Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson and Mickey Mantle. However, those guys played a long time ago and Manny is a Steroid Era guy.

      The writers seemed to enjoy the guy (I don’t know why) so he stands a better chance with the writers than his ex-teammates and contemporaries when they look him over for the Veterans Committee in several decades.

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