Congratulations Alomar and Blyleven

The wait is over for Bert Blyleven.  He’ll make his induction speech this summer with Pat Gillick and fellow writer’s ballot electee Roberto Alomar. 

The final percentages are listed below with my earlier predictions listed in parentheses.  I swung and missed on a few predictions but was close on others.  Bagwell deserved more support though I wasn’t expecting in his first time on the ballot.  Roberto Alomar, who I thought deserved it last year, saw a whirlwind of support–topping my prediction by nine points.  I was off by ten on Edgar Martinez and was happy, but shocked by the support given Larry Walker.  I expect that support to wane next year, like Dwight Evans, but we’ll see.  John Franco getting more support than Kevin Brown was also a shock.  I wasn’t expecting Brown to remain on the ballot long but was surprised he won’t be retained for next year’s ballot. 

Robert Alomar: 90% (81); Bert Blyleven 79.7 (77); Barry Larkin 62.1 (58); Jack Morris 53.5 (56.3); Lee Smith 45.3% (49); Jeff Bagwell 41.7% (50.5); Tim Raines 37.5% (34.5); Edgar Martinez 32.9% (42.4); Alan Trammell 24.3% (23.8); Larry Walker 20.3% (9.5); Mark McGwire 19.8% (22.8); Fred McGriff 17.9% (23.4); Dave Parker 15.3% (14.8); Don Mattingly 13.6% (14.6); Dale Murphy 12.6% (10.6); Rafael Palmeiro 11.0%; Juan Gonzalez 5.2% (4.2); Harold Baines 4.8% (4.8); John Franco 4.6% (3.4); Kevin Brown 2.1% (6.0); Tino Martinez 1.0% (1.2); Marquis Grissom 0.7% (0%); Al Leiter 0.7% (0.8); John Olerud 0.7% (2.3); B.J. Surhoff 0.3% (0.2); Bret Boone 0.2% (0.8); Benito Santiago 0.2%(1.0); Carlos Baerga (0.2), Lenny Harris, Bobby Higginson, Charles Johnson, Raul Mondesi (0.4), Kirk Rueter 0.0%

  1. Roberto Alomar really did deserve the Hall of Fame and as a Toronto Blue Jays fans I’m so glad they put him in this year, especially with a close to unanimous vote. If the only thing stopping him was the spitting incident, which it seemed to be, then there should have been no reason for them to keep him out. I was also happy to see the steroid guys not receiving too much of the vote because I think there is a great difference between those guys and guys like Alomar with character issues.

    • brettkiser said:

      Like you, I believe Alomar was quite deserving of the HOF and was shocked when he wasn’t named on last year’s ballot. I was a bit more shocked by his spike in voting this year. Over the last couple decades, Alomar and Biggio were the guys at second base, with Kent supplying the big time power for the position. Biggio will join Alomar in Cooperstown in 2013 and I expect Kent will get in there too–thanks to the power.

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