George Steinbrenner and the Hall of Fame

Now that the controversial owner of the New York Yankees has fired his last underling, expect a wave of supporters to try to sweep The Boss into Cooperstown.  No one can say the man didn’t leave behind a legacy, but can that legacy–with all its negativity–carry The Boss to the Hall? 

  1. It is a sad time for the baseball world especially with the all star game being played on the same day, but I am also surprised at the amount of praise that the man who was once known as the most hated man in baseball. He definitely did do a lot for the New York Yankees and I’m sure the city is very grateful for it. I also kind of like/hate the fact that I have a team to hate for in the Yankees because they just buy all their players. Also you think you could take a quick look at my blog cuz I really want to know what you think.

    • brettkiser said:

      I checked out your blog this morning and enjoyed your Steinbrenner article. It’s little doubt that Steinbrenner is the most notable owner of our generation but baseball has been around since the mid 1800s and there have been more colorful owners than “The Boss.” One of my favorites has to be Chris von der Ahe of the old St. Louis Browns. He’s not in the Hall of Fame mainly because many folks thought he didn’t care about baseball–he was an owner that simply used his team to help his other business endeavors.

      You also make the point that The Boss had some lean years in New York that casual fans are unaware of today. That’s why I love watching old Seinfeld episodes. They had a blast poking fun of Steinbrenner when New York collectively hated the man.

      I’ll stop by your blog on occasion. As a baseball fan and a baseball fan only, I’m not what one could call a “sports fan” since the other major sports don’t interest me at all.

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