2010 Writer’s Ballot

And the results are in!  The writer’s have elected former star outfielder Andre Dawson for the 2010 induction class.  He’ll join manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey in the class that will get inducted this summer. 

The writer’s ballots results are as follows:

Andre Dawson 77.9%, Bert Blyleven 74.2%, Roberto Alomar 73.7%, Jack Morris 52.3%, Barry Larkin 51.6%, Lee Smith 47.3%, Edgar Martinez 36.2%, Tim Raines 30.4%, Mark McGwire 23.7%, Alan Trammell 22.4%, Fred McGriff 21.5%, Don Mattingly 16.1%, Dave Parker 15.2%, Dale Murphy 11.7%, Harold Baines 6.1%

The players who failed to net 5% of the vote and have thus been discarded from future consideration by the baseball writer’s are: Andres Galarraga 4.1%, Robin Ventura 1.3%, Ellis Burks 0.4%, Eric Karros 0.4%, Kevin Appier 0.2%, Pat Hentgen 0.2%, David Segui 0.2%, Mike Jackson 0%, Ray Lankford 0%, Shane Reynolds 0% and Todd Zeile 0%

Bert Blyleven who missed election by five little votes, will be the top holdover for next year’s election.  Mr. Blyleven is in the all-time Top 20 in career wins, innings pitched, strikeouts, games started and shutouts.  The Writer’s ballots last two inductees, Jim Rice and Andre Dawson, aren’t in the Top 20 in any major offensive category with Jim Rice not belonging in the Top 50 in any major category.  The facts are that the writer’s have slighted Bert Blyleven, a better player than the last two guys they have elected.


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