Managers and Execs

Managers and executives have received a healthy look the last few years in the Hall of Fame election process.  Bowie Kuhn, Dick Williams, Barney Dreyfuss and Billy Southworth all made the Hall of Fame a couple years ago in the same class.  But there are many former managers an execs that are still absent.

Some of the notables are old National League executive Nick Young who helped build the league and make it thrive in the 1800s.  Ewing Kaufman, the former owner of the Kansas City Royals, brought baseball back to Kansas City shortly after the A’s moved to Oakland and before his death he made certain that the club would remain in KC.  Ray Kroc was the original owner of the San Diego Padres and Roy Hofheinz, the original Astros owner, introduced baseball to artificial turf.

Former skippers like Billy Martin, White Herzog and Davey Johnson won World Series titles while great skippers like Jimmy Dykes never had the talent at their disposal.  Buck O’Neil managed many Negro League All-Star teams and helmed the mighty Kansas City Monarchs, a team that was adeptly handled by Frank Duncan before him. 

Name a baseball executive or manager that you would like to see make the Hall of Fame.  Tell us why you feel the Hall of Fame needs this person.

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  1. Big Brother said:

    The addition of natural turf is a crime against humanity. I hate that knee destroying crap!

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